Brand Awareness


Brand awareness is defined as the percentage of potential customers or consumers who recognize—or name—a given brand. Marketers may research brand recognition on an “aided” or “prompted” level, posing such questions as, “Have you heard of Mercedes?” Alternatively, they may measure “unaided” or “unprompted” awareness, posing such questions as, “Which makes of automobiles come to mind?”[1]


Brand awareness is a marketing concept that enables marketers to quantify levels and trends in consumer knowledge and awareness of a brand’s existence. At the aggregate (brand) level, it refers to the proportion of consumers who know of the brand.[2] Brand awareness studies are most useful when the results are set against a clear benchmark such as data from prior periods, different markets, or competitors. In a survey of nearly 200 senior marketing managers, 61 percent responded that they found the “brand awareness” metric very useful.


Brand Awareness (%) = Percentage of total population that is aware of a brand.


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