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Welcome to the Common Language Marketing Dictionary, a free educational resource for students, educators and marketing practitioners with more than 1,800 marketing terms and definitions, the Marketing Term of the Week quiz and more!

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What makes this resource special is a dedicated team of marketing academics and practitioners actively working to grow and improve it. The Common Language in Marketing Project Team meets monthly to consider and select proposed new terms – and your input is welcome! Definitions are researched and drafted by MASB staff and then reviewed, edited and approved by the team.

To comment on existing terms or propose new marketing terms, email or submit the form at Contact Us.

Common Language in Marketing Project

A significant hurdle in the drive toward marketing accountability has been the lack of agreed-upon definitions for commonly used marketing terms. Because a singular authority for marketing terms and definitions encourages trust and collaboration, marketing’s top industry associations, leading academics and subject matter experts have collaborated to produce this free educational resource – with input from the global business community.

Managed by MASB (Marketing Accountability Standards Board), the Common Language Marketing Dictionary is also sponsored by the AMA (American Marketing Association), ANA (Association of National Advertisers), IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and MSI (Marketing Science Institute). See Project Partners.

Project Objectives

  • eliminate ambiguity and definitional differences among functions within and across firms
  • encourage trust and collaboration within and across functional areas in organizations, the marketing industry, and the broader business community
  • enhance marketing measurement and accountability through a commonly understood language of marketing

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