Account Management


An account represents a customer that purchases a company’s products or services. [1]

An account group consists of the members of the various advertising agency functional departments (such as account management, creative, media planningresearchtraffic, etc.) who are assigned to work on an ongoing basis on the projects related to a particular agency client.

Account management is a collaborative practice contributing and adding value to a client’s business through deep expertise and specific technical knowledge of the client’s segment and category.

Account management professionals (account executives) work closely with the client to nurture relationships across various aspects of the business. These professionals are also collectively referred to as “account management.” Colloquially, the client is often referred to as “the account.” [2]

An account opener is a premium or special promotion item offered to induce the opening of a new account, especially in financial institutions and stores operating on an installment-credit plan basis. [1]

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