Acquisition refers to the acquiring by one firm of another firm’s technology (process, facility, or material), product rights (trademarks), or entire businesses in order to increase its total sales. The acquisition may be related to the firm’s current business (e.g., the acquisition of a competitor, a supplier, or a buyer) or may be unrelated (e.g., the acquisition of an entirely different business).

Acquisition is a method of expanding one’s product offering by means other than internal development. Any combination that forms one company from two or more previously existing companies is known as a merger. [1]

Acquisition strategy is the process of finding those potential customers who are in the market and ready to buy. In internet terms, it is the attempt to lead customers to a website and to welcome them, answer their questions, and close the sale. [1][2]

Acquisition value is the buyers’ perceptions of the relative worth of a product or service to them. It is formally defined as the subjectively weighted difference between the most a buyer would be willing to pay for the item less the actual price of the item. [1]


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