Return of Objective (ROO)


Return of Objective (a.k.a. Return on Objective or ROO) refers to the use of non-sales metrics to gauge the impact of marketing activity. These metrics are chosen from the primary objectives of the marketing activity and commonly include changes in awareness, brand favorability, purchase intent, preference, message recognition and category relevant associations.

ROO is often calculated as a percent change versus a baseline level:

Return of Objective  = Objective After Activity (%)  –  Objective Baseline (%)

An example would be the change in percent brand awareness measured after a campaign is run minus the percent brand awareness before the campaign.

ROO metrics are often used when it is not possible or feasible to tie marketing activities directly to sales and therefore it is not possible to directly calculate a Marketing Return on Investment.  ROO metrics are also commonly used to complement and provide confidence in MROI calculations.


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