Sustainable Marketing


Sustainable marketing


Sustainability marketing (or sustainability-related marketing) is the practice of actively associating an organization’s offerings with ideas relevant to sustainability. This may be to pursue customers who place a value on sustainability as well as to grow the base of customers who do so. When successful, sustainability marketing allows the organization to be seen as contributing to sustainability.

Sustainability marketing includes advertising which is related to sustainability, communications about sustainability goals and achievements, deliberate use of images related to sustainability, and the visible adoption of sustainability-related certifications.

Sustainable marketing aims to recognize and address negative environmental and societal externalities while enhancing the positive environmental, international development, and societal benefits of the production, distribution, promotion, packaging, and pricing of an organization’s offerings. An example of sustainable marketing is a company adopting a reduced packaging strategy across all its products.

Sustainable marketing is broader than sustainability marketing as it encompasses systems and strategies rather than just communication of specific sustainable claims by a single entity.

Sustainable marketing is relevant to all organizations, regardless of their profit-seeking or not-for-profit status. It often attempts to influence consumers and others towards more sustainable behaviors.

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