Retail Store Layout


block plan is a store layout plan that delineates the actual sizes, shapes, and locations of all store components.

boutique store layout is a layout pattern that brings together complete offerings from one vendor or for one use in one section as opposed to having the items in separate departments. For example, a tennis boutique in a department store will feature rackets, balls, shoes, and tennis outfits.

grid layout

grid layout from

Free-form layout refers to a store design used primarily in specialty stores or within the boutiques of larger stores that arranges fixtures and aisles in an asymmetrical pattern.

gridiron (or grid) pattern refers to a store layout of fixtures and aisles in a repetitive or rectilinear pattern, best illustrated by a variety store or the grocery department in a typical supermarket. Secondary aisles run at right angles to aisles, and each aisle is usually of the same width for its length.

Loop Layout

loop layout

loop layout (or racetrack layout) is used when a retailer provides a major customer aisle that begins at the entrance, loops through the store—usually in the shape of a circle, square, or rectangle—and then returns the customer to the front of the store.


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