Marketing Acronyms, Initials and Abbreviations


AAF      American Advertising Federation
AAU      awareness, attitudes and usage
ABC      activity-based costing
ACM      automatic checkout machine
ACV      all commodity volume
AHP      analytical hierarchy process
AI          artificial intelligence
AIDA      attention-interest-desire-action
AIO        activities-interest-options
AMA      American Marketing Association
ANA      Association of National Advertisers
ANOVA      analysis of variance
AOG      arrival of goods
AOR      agency of record
APT      Arbitrage Pricing Theory
ATR      awareness-trial-repeat


B&M      brick(s) and mortar
B2B      business to business
B2C      business to consumer
BDI      Brand Development Index
BP/C      brand preference/choice
BPI      Buying Power Index


CAGR      compound annual growth rate
CAI      computer-assisted interviewing
CAPM      capital asset pricing model
CBD     cash before delivery
CDI      Category Development Index
CFR      cost and freight
CIA      cash in advance
CIF      cost insurance freight
CIM      Chartered Institute of Marketing
CIR      Continuous Improvement in Return
CLTV      customer lifetime value
CLV      customer lifetime value
CMA      census metropolitan area
CMSA      consolidated metropolitan statistical area
COD      cash on delivery / collect on delivery
CP      customer profit
CPC      cost per click
CPG      consumer packaged good
CPI      cost per impression
CPM     cost per thousand (impressions)
CPP      cost per rating point
CPRP      cost per rating point
CPT      cost per thousand (impressions)
CR      concentration ratio
CRP      cost per rating point / capacity requirements planning
CSS   cascading style sheets
CTR      click-through rate


DAR      day-after recall
DINK      double income–no kids
DMP      data management platform
DPP      direct product profitability
DSP      demand side platform
DSS       decision support system
DTC      direct to consumer


EBITDA    earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization
eCPM      effective cost per mille (thousand)
EDLP      everyday low price
EIDR      Entertainment Identifier Registry
EVA      economic value added


FAK      freight all kinds
FAQ      frequently asked questions
FAS      free alongside ship
FMCG      fast-moving consumer good
FOB      free on board
FRT      flash recognition training
FTC      Federal Trade Commission


GDPR      General Data Protection Regulation
GLA      gross leasable area
GMROII      gross margin return on inventory investment
GRP      gross rating point
GUI      graphical user interface


HTML      hypertext markup language
HTTP      hypertext transfer protocol
HTTPS     HTTP Secure or HTTP over SSL (secure socket layer)


ICS      Index of Consumer Sentiment
IRR      internal rate of return


JIT      just-in-time (inventory)


KPI      key performance indicator


LCV      lifetime customer value
LSI      latent semantic indexing
LTV      lifetime customer value


MAF      Marketing Accountability Foundation
MarCom      Marketing Communications
MASB      Marketing Accountability Standards Board
MIS      management information system
MkIS       marketing information system
MMAP      Marketing Metric Audit Protocol
MROI       marketing return on investment
MSA       metropolitan statistical area
MSI        Marketing Science Institute


NAD      National Advertising Division
NARB      National Advertising Review Board
NBD      negative binomial distribution
NPD      new product development
NOPAT      net operating profit after tax
NPV      net present value


OCR      optical character recognition
OEM      original equipment manufacturer
OTB      open to buy
OTS      opportunities to see


P4P      pay for performance
PACT      positioning advertising copy testing
PCV      product category volume
PFP      pay for performance
PLC      product life cycle
PMSA      primary metropolitan statistical area
PPC      pay per click
PR      public relations
PR      page rank
PSA      public service announcement
PSM      price sensitivity meter


QA      quality assurance
QC      quality control
QR      quick response (delivery system)
QSR      quick service restaurant


R&D      research and development
RDD      random digit dialing
ROI      return on investment
ROMI      return on marketing investment
ROS     return on sales


SEO      search engine optimization
SERP      search engine results page
SINK      single income-no kids
SKU      stock-keeping unit
SME        small and medium enterprises
SMSA      standard metropolitan statistical area
SPPD      sales per point of distribution


TOMA      top-of-mind awareness
TRP      target rating point
TV      television
TVB      Television Bureau of Advertising


UCC      uniform commercial code
UFC      uniform freight classification
UPC      uniform product code
URL      uniform resource locator
USP      unique selling proposition


VAR      value-adding reseller
VNR      video news release


XML      eXtensible markup language


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